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Mana Pools Safaris

Mana Pools

This is one of Zimbabwe´s UNESCO sites and also the only national park where one can walk unaccompanied by a guide. Situated on the banks of the Zambezi River and facing the imposing hills of Zambia, Mana Pools is a hidden gem of a park

Canoe past hippos, watch elands cool off under acacias, and be exposed to over 350 bird species. Mana Pools is especially known for its herds of over 10,000 elephants who have trampled all the small tress and shrubs to create vast open areas under big acacias trees.
The safaris are open to the wild, so do not be surprised if you awake to see a lion outside your room or find impala drinking at the pool.

sunrise in hwange national park

Sunrise in paradise

lion at hwange national park

On the Prowl

baby elephant with herd

Got your back

pack of wild dogs at hwange

Muddle of Mutts

leopard in hwange

The quiet sleeper

Exploring Hwange

Activities To Do

Walking safari in Hwange

Walking Safari

Walk alongside the river to encounter endless herds of wildlive

Traditional Shangaan village

Visit The Tonga

Meet a local Tonga chief, understand the mysteries of the carved doors and delight in the food

leopard at night time

Night Drives

See the hidden world of Mana Pools at night when lions are on the prowl for food

Bird Watching

Mana Pools has some of the most diverse range of bird life in Southern Africa

The Safaris We Offer

We cater for a wide variety of interests for those visiting Hwange to ensure a complete experience

Honeymoon safari in Hwange

Honeymoon Safari

Escape to Mana Pools, where unspoiled environment adds to the romance. Consider cosy cabins overlooking a sunset river, providing the scene for romantic honeymoon moments. Your skilled guide takes on the role of Cupid, taking you on bush excursions that will become treasured memories. Hand-in-hand canoeing with hippos, elephants silhouetted against blazing sunsets. Every night, when you whisper beneath the acacia trees, stars adorn the sky.

Family safari in hwange

Family Safari

A once-in-a-lifetime family vacation! Mana Pools in Zimbabwe combines wildlife wonders with exciting activities. From boat rides to bush hikes, kids and parents discover, learn, and bond. Memories forged beneath star-studded sky. Reserve your wild playground getaway today!

tailor made safari

Couple Safari

Get away from the cookie-cutter safaris! Looking for something more than family fun or starry-eyed romance? In Mana Pools, you can find your ideal couple’s getaway. Begin by deciding if you want adrenaline-pumping thrills or peaceful wilderness murmurs. Then let us plan the ideal safari for just the two of you.

horseback safari

Bird Watching Safari

This paradise is home to approximately 350 feathered residents, ranging from vivid bee-eaters to graceful skimmers. The summer skies are alive with migratory newcomers, who join the locals in a symphony of wings. Discover new species in acacia woodlands, broad grasslands, and life-giving waterholes – your nature canvas is waiting!

tailor made safari

Tailor-Made Safari

Whether you’re planning your first safari or returning to the lively African continent, our seasoned consultants are ready to design a trip that meets all of your expectations.We provide immersive activities that reveal the bushland in a novel way, such as walking safaris that highlight the vast ecosystem or thrilling boat excursions that bring you face-to-face with majestic elephants, hippos, and vivid bird species.

horseback safari

Horseback Safari

Feel the wind whip through your hair as you ride between the Acacia trees of Mana Pool. This is no ordinary safari; it’s an opportunity to see the wild without the noise of a car and to be entirely immersed in nature.You’ll see elephants from a safe distance on horseback, gaining a deeper respect for the continuing conservation efforts to conserve them.

Why Trust Sound Of Safaris With Your Hwange Holiday?

responsible travel with sound of safari

Responsible Travel

For 5 years, your visits have helped us make a real difference to Zimbabweans. Thank you!

responsible travel with sound of safari

In our hands

While visiting Mana Pools, enjoy 24/7 access to our distinctive Global Concierge service.

responsible travel with sound of safari

Travel Experts

Our Travel Specialists only recommend destinations they have personally visited.

responsible travel with sound of safari

Finest Guides

Experience the best interpretive adventures with our skilled private and specialist guides.

The Exclusive Place To Stay in Mana Pools

The only place we choose to stay in Mana Pools

Resident elephant named Warthog:

This friendly giant hangs around the camp, giving guests up-close encounters

Outdoor bath with a view

Immerse yourself in a scenic soak while watching elephants and hippos at the waterhole.

Bushveld walk and termite talk

Gain fascinating insights into the intricate world of termites from a guide with over 30 years of experience.

Pool at The Hide

Treehouse slumber

Sleep under the stars in a luxurious treehouse

Unexpected bush brunch

Be surprised with a delicious brunch prepared and served right in the bush, surrounded by the sights and sounds of the wilderness

Private pontoon boat sunset cruise

Glide gently down the Zambezi as the sun dips below the horizon

Useful Facts About Mana Pools


  • Elephant Population: Abundant with a herd of over 10,000 elephants. These actually cause a lot of problems as they destroy much needed acacia & mopane saplings
  • Giraffe: None at present
  • Hippo: Very common and a big problem for canoes who can be capsized by a surprise hippo waking up from a siesta
  • Buffalo: Very Common
  • Zebra: Very common
  • Black or white rhino: None at present.
  • Lion: A few prides roaming around
  • Leopard: Are around but very hard to spot.
  • Cheetah: Rare
  • Crocodiles: Very common
  • Hyena: Very common, often found around camps at night
  • Wild dog: Occasionally sited


The Zambezi River cuts through the middle of Mana Pools, creating islands, sandbanks, and stunning views. It is filled with baobabs, acacias and mopanes trees. The southern side has pools and with a thick forest of mopane trees.The northern scenery is made up of reeds and sandbanks with tall mahogany trees with open spaces beneath. 

Best Time To Visit

The best time to see wildlife in Mana Pools is from July to October, when it is dry. Animals stand out because of the fewer plants and attraction of the Zambezi river pools. The wet season, which lasts from November to April, erodes many roads making driving very tricky.

How To Get There

By Road

The quickest road route is from Harare via the main Harare-Chirundu road, which takes 5.5 hours. Drivers on this road are notorious for driving on the wrong side of the road to avoid potholes so we would advise using one of our private drivers or taking a chartered flight.

Why is the park called Mana Pools?

Mana ponds National Park, called after the Shona term for “four,” takes its name from the four permanent ponds carved by the gentle curves of the Zambezi.